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Born in 1941 during the height of World War 2, the SAS began life as an unorthodox unit of the Britsh Army.

Starting with just a handful of men, its simple mission was to collect intelligence from behind enemy lines and disrupt their operations by any means necessary.

Over time they became known for their gruelling selection process, commitment to testing new techniques and an obsession with continuous improvement.

Today the unit’s reputation is second to none.

Like the SAS, we think that a rational analysis of the data at hand, and steady, continuous improvement will result in the greatest long-term success.

We believe the same is true in marketing and our mission is to provide our clients with a consultative, data driven, creative and campaign-led marketing service that focuses on delivering tangible return for our clients.

After all…

Who Dares, Wins.

Cameron McHattie

Cameron McHattie


Cameron started Who Dares in late 2016. Now in its third year the business has delivered projects for over 20 clients across a range of industries achieving coveted Google Partner status in early 2018.

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