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The Tools Of Our Trade

We provide our clients and partners with various tools to help them achieve their marketing goals including apps, dashboards and code.

Apps & Dashboards

Our apps & dashboards are built to enhance the Who Dares experience for our clients. Whether that is through our comprehensive reporting dashboard which houses all performance data and account updates or through our more playful apps like talking website analytics.

Talking Analytics

Our talking analytics app is, truth be told, a bit of fun but hopefully the useful kind. Built using R Studio, Shiny Apps and the Google Cloud Platform, our talking analytics app gives users a handy way to hear their website stats for any given period, as well as providing a bit of context against historical performance.

Reporting Dashboard

Our custom built reporting dashboard is where our clients can access information about their account and campaigns including; stats, data, account activity and more, giving them a complete picture of where and how marketing budget is being utilised, and more importantly, what its impact and results are.


As a purely digital marketing company we rely heavily on software and frameworks to execute campaigns, service delivery and analytics for clients. Primarily we utilise; SQL, R, R Studio, Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform to do this.

Having well developed code is an important part of this process and in addition to the many open source repositories we use, we also invest in developing proprietary frameworks, an introduction to some of which can be found below.

Google Analytics Analysis with R Studio

We use R and R Studio a great deal to analyse and bring to life our clients raw data. We use a custom built R framework to conduct in-depth analysis on our client’s website data to identify trends and patterns over long periods of time. Follow the link below to access the code for a portion of that framework.

Edinburgh Income Data Science

R isn’t just useful for analysing website data, indeed any large or small data set can be ingested into the platform for review. Follow the link below to access code that takes a closer look at 20 years of income data from the City of Edinburgh, showcasing R Studio’s capabilities in statistical analysis and visualisation.

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