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Delivering your message to customers can be a challenging proposition in today’s online world. With users moving between devices, content and platforms with the fluidity of the 1970’s Brazilian football team, having an effective delivery plan is vital. That’s where our campaign planning & media buying service comes in.

Channel Selection & Campaign Planning

We follow the hub and spoke approach which places an owned digital asset, such as a website, at the centre of your online marketing campaigns. The principle being that all content distributed and promoted on the selected channels should provide users with a route back to your business’ main online hub, allowing greater control of what people see and interact with.

Using programmatic platforms like the Google Marketing Platform, LinkedIn Campaign Manager and the Facebook Audience Network we structure campaigns exactly as such, taking advantage of audience data to distribute content and reach the people we want via each channel.

We’re also big fans of direct marketing using first-party data on platforms such as Mailchimp that allow for more personalised communication with customers.

Campaign Execution

Ours is a fully digital marketing service offering and we handle all buying and campaign execution on behalf of our clients.

We are a Google Partner (in search advertising) which means we have been recognised for our proficiency in operating campaigns on the Google Marketing Platform.

But we’re not just a one trick pony and we can run paid campaigns for clients across:

  • Facebook’s Audience Network
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Re-marketing channels
  • Automated direct marketing campaigns via Mailchimp
Campaign Optimisation

Arguably the most important part of the process, campaign optimisation involves the regular maintenance of our campaigns.  Are they reaching the right people? Are they responding the way we thought they would? Could we be spending the budget in a more efficient manner?

Answering these questions and more ensures that our client campaigns perform for the long-term.

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