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Crafting The Message

Content & platforms are the currency of the internet. Both are crucial to digital success, but the truth is that with so much of it about you need to do something special to turn heads.

Messaging & Buyer Persona Development

Before we begin creating our content or planning the campaign, we need to understand who we are trying to reach. Who is going to buy the product or service? Where do they live online? What motivates them and how do we best communicate with them? That’s where our messaging & buyer persona development process kicks in and where we use various tools to establish the strategic direction our campaign will take.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Messaging & Persona Workshop
  • Competitor Audits
  • Website Performance Audits
  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Keyword Research
Content & Asset Development

Once the strategy has been established the fun can really begin and creating great content is really what we live for at Who Dares.  Whether that is a blog piece or more substantive paper with video interviews, the content that we create for clients may be the first thing an existing or potential customer interacts with.

At Who Dares we ensure each piece of content delivers value by putting it through a rigorous quality assurance process that includes the client.

Types of content we regularly produce for clients include:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Video
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Interviews¬†
  • And more…
Web & Platform Development

We are a firm believer that in order to truly succeed online at some stage you need to get customers onto a platform you control. Reaching them on social media or directly via email is an excellent strategy to raise awareness and interest, but in order to convert them into a customer, ultimately they need to interact with your business on a space you own, whether that’s a website, an app or otherwise.

Our web & platform offering creates and manages these assets and in the past two years we’ve worked with clients to create:

  • Websites
  • Web apps
  • Blogs
  • Mirco-sites
  • Landing pages
  • And more…

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