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Transforming Data Into Customers

Turning data into insights is a vital part of the modern marketing process. Understanding what data to collect, analyse and action upon can be the difference between a successful campaign and a stellar one. At Who Dares we adopt a process to make sure it is the latter.  

Data Collection

The beauty of digital marketing is that it can be measured in a way that simply was not possible previously. From website analytics and social media data through to first-party customer information and CRM systems, the gap between sales and marketing is closer than ever and the tools to measure are more effective too.

At Who Dares we work with our clients to implement a data strategy that assists the sales process, creating pipelines that ensure we are collecting and storing the information that will make a difference to our client’s organisation and inform marketing efforts.

Data Processing

There’s a saying in data circles that goes:

“Tidy datasets are all alike, but every messy dataset is messy in its own way.”

Tidy data is essential for insights however the reality is that not all data conforms to the most optimal structure nor is every source of data ready for analysis. 

That’s where processing comes in and is where we wrangle our collected data to ensure it conforms to a common structure, allowing deeper analysis and access to the most useful nuggets of information contained within.

It’s also where we apply our various frameworks to establish trend patterns, make predictions on future activity and set goals and targets for our campaigns.

This process requires some hefty computing power and it’s why we use the tools below.

Data Visualisation

The most important part of the process is how we present the finished campaign data through visualisation. How did the endless rows of numbers and characters translate into cold hard fact? 

From creating live dashboards for instant insights, through to batch reporting for specific time periods, the options are plentiful. To borrow (and mangle!) a well worn saying; a chart is worth a thousand data fields!

We utilise a variety of visualisation tools depending on the scenario including:

  • Tableau
  • Google Data Studio
  • R Studio

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